Walter- The Wonder Dog

Sometimes things happen in your life that you can’t plan for, sometimes these things are good others are just lessons to be learned.
One such good thing was a chance meeting at quick stop gas station where I stopped to use the bathroom about 3 months ago. Before even getting out of the car my partner and I spotted a dog in the car across from us. It looked just like my dog Miracle who had passed about a one year earlier, except it was a boy.  We were not looking for an addition to the family, since I was still recovering from my near death experience in Africa. (which was caused by being poisoned by my doctor,  who gave me the wrong vaccine on may way to Kenya.)
Well, we got contact info for Walter and his story and we went on our way down to the Gulf Coast thinking about him the whole time.
Walter’s Story goes something like this…we found him at a gas station with his foster mom, who rescued him from a stud farm. He had been kept in a cage and used to stud for 3 years!  She had rescued him about 2 months prior to us meeting “randomly” at the quick stop. Needless to say on the way home from the Gulf Coast we called Walter’s foster mom and asked if we could adopt him! 
Obviously things work out the way they are suppose to, like kismet. There are no coincidences. Walter the Wonder Dog has quickly filled my heart back up with joy instead of pain and is teaching me to laugh, smile and appreciate how to live a again. While also teaching me how to enjoy the little quite moments life offers us everyday.
In addition Walter keeps me on my toes playing hide and seek with items from my gear bag and is helping me get back in shape trying to find all the items he is relocating in the yard!!